Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Someday I'm gonna be a trend-setter!!!

When I was collecting my talents in Heaven, I think I forgot to go through the line marked 'STAYING UP ON THE LATEST TRENDS'. (i'm not even kidding about this...everytime I think I've found something new I find out I'm like 6 months behind). Instead, I think i got confused and walked through the 'ANYTHING GOES' line twice!!!

So i'm probably way behind on this, but how cool is this app?!
I can test hearing from my iphone (if I had one, but I don't- NOT.EVEN.CLOSE. My old skool free phone knows how to call and text. period. nothing more-not even the internet).

And my research (sample size, n=1) shows that the results are kind of legit (the low frequency hearing thresholds were a little worse by the iphone than a sound booth, but close).

I'm just sayin...once I get my iphone (give me a couple years to break down the 'anything goes' part of me) I just might start working from home!!! :)

p.s. Truth be told, I hear the iphone 4s actually is something else and now I really really want one, like sooner than later!

p.s.s. Here is the link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uhear/id309811822?mt=8

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My lucky encounter...

Turns out my encouter with THE TROLL was nothing!!!! I was telling my neighbor about the story and I guess Trolly once told her, "I hope you drop dead!!!!"

hehe, I got lucky!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I encountered The Troll...

I've heard it said for the last 3 years that the meanest-lady-of-all-time lives on the lane behind my house. She has been affectionately named THE TROLL by all the kids in the neighborhood. I've tempted fate a few times and walked down that lane and every time I have felt a little creeped out knowing that there is some mean lady somewhere waiting to chase me away, but every time I've made it without even a sighting.

This morning my ward was doing service throughout the neighborhood and cleaning up the landscape of a few homes. The home of a cute 90-year-old lady, who happens to live on Troll Lane, was chosen as a recipient. I provided my service at that house for a little while, left to get some lunch, and then had to drop off a key at a house above the lane (the street the key house is on is connected to Troll Lane). After I dropped off the key I decided to swing back by the service house to see if I could do anymore. Instead of walking all the way around the block I decided to cut through the lane to the service house... This put me in prime position for my Troll encounter.

As soon as I started walking that way, I noticed an old bearded (just stating the facts) lady and her husband standing in the lane and the second my foot left the nicely paved street and landed on the gravely lane, the bearded lady almost forcefully demanded my name. I politely responded and then she insisted on knowing where i live... I knew right then and there who I was dealing with. The husband unknowlingly saved me when he noticed my unsually large muscles (kidding) and decided I could be of some assistance to him. He had been struggling to clear a nearly dead tree branch up in his tree and decided I was just the help he needed. He had me climb up a really tall ladder and toss a rope about 6 feet in front of me over the tree branch so that he could pull the mostly severed branch out of the tree. I glady helped him and then had what i thought was a very pleasant conversation with the man and his troll. :) All the while I was thinking that this was just like the movies...some old lady that seems mean, but turns out she is just a really nice lady who has been misunderstood for years . I WAS WRONG!!! (I should have clued in when the husband mentioned that he loved people, but his wife, not so much).

After our little conversation and the service I had provided them, I figured I had earned my passage through the lane, so I continued on. The wife kind of slyly followed me down the lane, out of earshot of her husband, and then repremanded me for passing through and told me that she does not want me to ever set foot in their lane again!!!! And then she kindly followed that up with, "maybe we will see you....when we take our trash out to your street." And so I think I will side with the kids on this one and forever refer to my loving neighbor as THE TROLL!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some things never change!

These friendships are going on something like 20 years!!

Hard to believe, but so fun that we can get together and pick up right where we left off!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marathon Finisher!!!

Never EVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would run a marathon, but a few months ago my friend Heather (the one in the green)called and used her strong powers of persuasion on me and before I knew it I had paid my dues and was signed up for the Salt Lake Marathon. I think I was too easily convinced! The whole experience was about as hard as I thought it would be, but was also easier than I thought it would be! There were certain moments that were TOUGH (like mile 13 to 20, but especially miles 17, 18, and 19). I wanted to keep some food with me (cliff bars and animal crackers) in an effort to avoid "hitting the wall", so I wore a running pack around my waist, but I underestimated how much the weight of that little pack (like 3 pounds) would take a toll on my legs. About mile 13 my hips started SCREAMING! Luckily, at about mile 20, the race passed my friend Carrie's house (the one in the orange) and she and a friend named Anna were dressed and ready to join us. Their fresh legs and energy helped SO SO SO much, especially since they willingly took that stupid pack from me!!!! With that extra boost, the last 6 miles were better than the previous 6. I can now happily call myself a marathoner! I haven't seen the official time yet, but according to my GPS watch it took about 4 hours 40 minutes (I was secretly hoping for a 4 hour 20 minute race, but it was so much fun I didn't want it to stop...kidding). ALSO according to my GPS watch, which I started right as I crossed the starting line, I actually ran 26.36 miles!!! Anyway, it feels so good to have completed a marathon. Now I just hope my legs recover quickly...my knees do not currently bend!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long no longer

This one is for you Cari and Nikki.